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We complete almost all Manufacturer process within our Facility which means that

“No Compromise on quality”

Following are some of the processes that are completed in our Manufacturing Plants.


The Company has its own Forging Section where forging for proper instruments /devices are made through Drop Forging Hammers by qualified and skilled workers using Dyes made of the best quality Steel. The forgings later are put through the process of overall / ring trimming, and acid cleaning pickling by those well versed in these processes.

Milling & Machining

The company has imported Milling / Grinding Machine, which are operated by the well trained experts. For good result top quality cutter are used. The process of filing is carried out to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision.

Ultrasonic cleaning

We used the top quality chemicals for instruments cleaning. High qualified and trained staffs are engaged to clean the instruments as well.

Heat treatment

We hired qualified and trained staff, which is engaged to give treatment to instruments for furtherance quality.

Electro-polishing & Grinding

The Elector-Polishing & the Grinding department are also manned by skilled and trained workmen using thechemicals and the Grinding wheels to ensure the best quality finish.

Tungsten Carbide

Our T. C. department is installed with the best quality imported machinery being manned by the exceptionally well trained experts using the german technology.


Using the top quality chemical in our passivation department, we passivate and boil test of each and every instruments before packing. Subjecting every piece to 24 hours treatment, and if need to be repassivation process so as to eliminate to any chance of rusting / corrosion etc.

Sand Blasting

We used the machine as well as the best quality sandblasting material, which are operated by well skilled operators.

Stamping / Etching

The Stamping / Etching process is carried out by the soundly trained experts to match the world standard.