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Surgical Kit

Top Surgical Performance Kit

Our surgery kit box is composed of 13 essential pieces for the doctor’s work. Made with German stainless steel, with excellent finishes, this kit is the perfect component to perform surgical procedures without sacrificing quality.

Description and prices

13 pieces+case: 695€

Columbia Curette: 35€

Rhodes Curette: 59€

Lucas Curette: 59€

Periodontics probe: 35€

Crile-Wood: 100€

Iris Curve Scissors: 75€

Kocher separator: 45€

Farabeuf separator: 45€

Micro gripper Cooley: 75€

Circular Scalpel: 59€

Glickman Periostotome: 59€

Curette: 59€

Prichard Periostotome: 59€